Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

...belated, of course!

Here I am, getting birthday kisses from two of my favorite guys.

It's sad (but not uncommon among busy families, I guess) that there are no pictures of Eric and me together. In case you wondered, we are still married!

My mom gave me a digital camera for my bday, so I'll be uploading more photos now. Yippee!

My birthday featured the first of two back-to-back winter storms, so Eric's and my plans to go out to Brix were scotched. We did, however, head over to Westwood, for a Kids Against Hunger meal packing event. Our line featured Mim & Linden, Annette, Elsa & Kjell, Sandy Lepp, Micah and me. All told, the event yielded 116,000 meals for our friends in Tanzania. So Cool! The reality is, it only makes a small dent in the needs there, but it is good for us to keep making dents.

In the middle of our meal packing shift, the organizers approached me with a megaphone and invited me to speak a bit about Kids Against Hunger, and say a prayer (designated pastor, don'tcha know!?) I've never prayed into a megaphone before. After my little spiel, a couple of the organizers surprised me with a cake!
So, yeah. I'm getting, um, mature. And that's a good thing, right?

Friday, March 2, 2007


What climate crisis?
Folks, we have been dumped on! This pile of snow is now partially melted, but it was about 6 feet tall.

Snow Cave

Just about to go down the hill!

And now ... this week's Lukisms:

  • "Why did Micah blow up?" (After Micah had a bout with vomiting)

  • Looking at the carmel-y colored snow we were shoveling... Lukie: "That looks like Micah's head!" Me, after a few seconds to think about it:"Because its sort of yellowish like his hair?" Luke:"Yeah"
  • Spying a picture of Rickie Lee Jones on a web site I was reading ..."Hey Mom! That's you on the computer"