Friday, August 17, 2007

iPod jack: the New Cupholder

I love our new van! It has that combination of new plastic, carpet, somethin' somethin' that makes it smell soooo good. And it has an iPod jack! Yahoo! And at least 3 "power ports" (nee cigarette lighters). And a "mommy mirror" above the rearview. And special compartments for garage door opener, sunglasses, coins, and I don't know what all. And, yes, at least 12 cup holders. Oh, and it drives like a dream ... plenty of get up and go, handles great, quiet. I'm already so spoiled. And I'm not the only one ... the other night, Luke and I were heading off in my old 98 Prizm, and he howled " Mo-om, I don't want to get in that dirty little car!"

I need to name her. Sienna is nice, but kind of generic. She's already been up to the North Shore, across the state of Wisconsin, Lake Michigan (in the Badger Carferry - she's not quite chitty chitty bang bang!), and the state of Michigan (twice a piece) AND down to eastern Ohio.

So, life is good in the new van. Lots more to report on, but this is it for tonight.