Saturday, June 14, 2008

What I did on my Blogging vacation

Well ... first, I was sick. The Oscar countdown became the Oscar letdown. It was quite pathetic. After all that chasing about, trying to catch all the nominees, what I really caught was a horrible virus. The kind that doesn't let go. Seriously, from January to April, it was a nasty cycle of get sick, get caught up at work, relapse, go back to work too soon because the sick time is gone, relapse, take care of sick kids. Aagh! Plus, I had a weird thing going on with my thyroid that threw my whole system out of whack. Then in May, allergies kicked in with a vengeance. OK, enough of that. Bo-ring.

In March our family did take a little Spring Break trip to Chi-town. We stayed right near the museum campus, and had a blast going to the Field and the Shedd --- along with a kajillion other families who had the same brilliant idea!

Here is the line to get into the Shedd Aquarium ... along with a lovely view of our Hotel and nearby Chicago skyline:

Much as I enjoyed the sights, the best part was hanging out with my bro! He came down for the last couple says of our stay, and it was so wonderful to just catch up. Life has been such a whirlwind for both of us.

Here's Jonny and the boys. They love their uncle!

And here's our little family at Milllenium Park:

We all loved the bean!

Time for some shut-eye with a few of my friends ...

Bless me, Blogspot,

For I have been unfaithful ...

It's ... it's...oh, you know it already! Do I have to say it out loud? Fine! If you're going to just sit there and stare at me blankly ... It's FACEBOOK. (Sobs, pulls self together) It's just that FB has um, games! and pictures! and shiny things to distract me! And my 70-some friends send little updates all the time so I have to keep checking in. You understand don't you? No, really. I still need you. I need a quiet spot to pontificate and pretend to be profound and/or witty. FB doesn't have the depth you have, really. I know. I know. It's been nearly four months. But I'm begging. WIll you take me back? Can't we still be friends? Please?