Sunday, September 30, 2007

So Proud

The other day Micah asked if he could have some paper. "Sure," I said, "What are you up to?"
"I feel like writing a story" said he.

And here it is for your enjoyment; (borrowing heavily from the Toy Story movies) A 2nd grade story, told in 2nd grade phonetics:

Escape from the garbeg can

andy was getin to old for his toys and thru them away. they had to escape the trash can. buz landed on plante z. som of andys old spase toys cam tored him. destry buz lityer they sed. buzz manegd too deafet them with his laser. befor zurg knew it buzz was fliing away. woody had landed in the desert bank. bank robers were getting away. just then jesee and bulsi landed on woodys head. hi gies woody said. those bank robers are getting away said jesse. lets get them. ya said woody. woody and jesee hopt on too bulsis bake. ride like the wind bulsi they shouted. bulsi ran after the bank robers. woody throd his rope. the bank robers were cohte. Rex had landed in a plase were andys old dinosaur toys. A big one came tard him and calengd Rex to dino fite. Rex jumpt the attack then Rex swipt his claw at some cocunut trees. the cocunuts fell onto the big dinos head. then Rex did a claw attack and ran away. meanwile mr. patatohead had landed in the brkeible secshon. hands came toard him. he jumt. he dogd craocht and jumpt attack andefeted enimes with a broken boxer glove that he fuond. he escapet and fuond mrs. patatohead and baby patatohead. the toys met up just in time to cach litil boe peep on buzs bake. they flew out but zurg blsted at them. buzz doged the boms. the toys lifted the lid and trou it at zurg and flew away to the nxt book. the end.

The Turning

Well, it’s been a long three months. Since early July, we have had over 100 showings of our home. That’s a lot of cleaning and getting out of the way and wondering how long this is gonna go on. As the showings and interest started to slow down, and as the media keeps cranking out prophecies of economic gloom and doom, Eric and I were coming around to the idea that we may need to hunker down in Minneapolis until Spring and try again …

But then … came … a buyer! We accepted an offer on Thursday, and the same day went out with our realtor to look at homes in Apple Valley, because he was leaving town for 10 days, so we thought, why don’t we get one day of looking under our belts before he takes off?

So off we went, to look at some homes we’ve had our eye on for a few weeks, plus a couple of others that have come on the market. We looked at one of the new ones first. And, surprise! It was a beauty! So well maintained, had everything we were looking for … hmm. OK, let’s go and look at the others we like, and compare them. You know what? They didn’t compare! They didn’t have the nice sense of flow, the right kinds of spaces and yard for our family. So Joel, our realtor said, you want to go back and look at that one one more time? And we did. And it felt like home. And it was a great value. So we made an offer!

And here she is, our new home!

Our offer was accepted, with no counter offer. The current owners are members of my congregation, and when they saw who the buyers were, they chose not to counter! Talk about grace … We are so lucky. And we’ve learned that the neighbor across the street was on the call committee that interviewed and recommended me for ministry at SOTV! It is indeed a small world! We wanted to be ensconced in the community where I serve, and we will be! Micah and Luke will be trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood!